Excise Tax
Products Rate
Tobacco and tobacco products 100%
liquids used in electronic smoking devices and tools 100%
Electronic smoking devices and tools 100%
Carbonated drinks 50%
Energy drinks 100%
Sweetened drinks 50%
Excise Tax

We, ASPA Management Consultancy, Dubai,UAE, are based in Dubai, Bahrain, India and Singapore, with over 20 years of international experience in the field of INternational taxation. We have expertise in the feild of Indirect Taxes(viz., Value Added Tax(VAT),GST, Excise Tax, Customs and Service Tax). Our Clientele have been benefitted by our timely and relevant guidance in the field of implementation and compliance of taxes, and has resulted in effective tax planning for their businesses.

We Offer Customized Solutions to our clients consisting of Small and Medium Enterprises and Businesses, as well as corporate customers.

    We provide the entire gamut of services relating to:

  • Guidance for registration Amendments & De-Registration for following:

-Warehouse Keeper
-Designated Zone

  • Preparation of Tax Return & Tax Refund
  • Guidance for excise tax payment mechanism
  • Guidance for digital tax stamps
  • Guidance for stockpiling of excise goods
  • Training the staff to implement of excise goods